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About us


Historical Art is a private company which has been establish­ed worldwide for some time. The foundati­on of ‘Historical Ar­t’ is based on our long friendship the collectors and art hi­storians whose trust we have earned thro­ugh hard word and mu­tually profitable co­-operation. Our team comprises of experts in all fields of historical art and de­als mostly in sales and the acquisition of antiques from Rus­sia, Asia and Europe.

We are in the process of expanding into new fields thus acqu­iring new customers and partners, who wi­ll hopefully become members of the wider family of ‘Historic­al Art’.
We are confident that any collaboration with ‘Historical Art’ will result in a long term relationshi­p.

If you have any ques­tions or general inq­uires, you can conta­ct us at your conven­ience, our details are listed below. We will be happy to ass­ist you in any way we can.

Kiseleva Marina

Historian, Restorer, Collector

Marina was born and raised in Russia where she finished high school. From an early age she became interested in the history of art and started collecting antiques. Later, she moved to Europe and enrolled in the University of Athens where she studied the History of Art and Byzantine history.
After graduating she decided to enrol in I.E.K.PETRA institute where she obtained a professional qualification in the restoration of art work and antiques. With all this knowledge she was able to establish herself as not only an authority but also a wise and knowledgeable collector. By doing what she loves, she is now surrounded by people with the same outlook.
Marina speaks 3 languages; Russian, Greek and English, and on meeting her you will see that she is polite, kindhearted and honest. All this has the making of a reliable business partner and enthusiastic conversationalist.
If you have any suggestions or questions for Marina, her details are listed below.

Kiseleva Marina
Kostopoulos Alexios


Born and raised in Greece, Alexios has been interested in the Ancient arts, philately, painting and Asian art from an early age. As an adult, he founded The Philartia Company which engaged in art and philately exhibitions and sales. Also, over the past 30 years, he has been a collector of Asian and Greek art and during the last 15 years he has been collecting Chinese Art. Alexios’s passion is not only an expression of his love of art but a family trait.
By traveling extensively and he shares his knowledge and experiences with his Worldwide friends and partners.
Being honest, decent and an interesting conversationalist he makes an important partner by being easy and beneficial to work with.

Kostopoulos Alexios