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Museum Guimet in Paris

Where can you see 5,000 thousand years of Asian art under one roof? If you answered the Guimet Asian Arts Museum, you’re right. It’s the largest of its kind in Europe and it just happens to be here in Paris. Too bad it’s often overlooked by travelers to the City of Museums. It’s all thanks to Émile Guimet — a sort of French Indiana Jones type, traveling the world in search of interesting stuff — who founded the museum to showcase his amazing collection.

With statues of Buddha & Zen monks, rare Indian fabrics, Khmer treasures, and Chinese fine art, the collection spans from Afghanistan, China, India, Japan, to Southeast Asia. The Musée Guimet Paris takes you on a meditative, aesthetic journey to the heart of Asia. Let’s peek inside the massive collection found in the tranquil 16th Arrondissement to find out more.



Recently there was an exhibition on Art Deco based on Jade – from which Cartier’s collection was inspired.






Also there was a wonderful exhibition of Japanese Kimonos which, unfortunately, has just finished.




But apart from all this is their wonderful book shop where one can get lost among the wonderful volumes.
Their collection of books on Asian Art is second to none.




Museum Guimet in Paris adresse:  6 Place d’Iéna, 75116 Paris, France